Employee Culture 

At Quad City Bank & Trust, we've developed a powerful corporate culture, one that's evident in every facet of our organization. It's based on the common goal of providing exceptional, personal service and built on the core values of teamwork, mutual respect, and honesty. There are no greater assets than our employees and it shows in our work environment, community focus, employee programs, and benefits.

Get Involved

We encourage our employees to become involved in shaping the corporate culture of QCBT. We offer a number of committees for shared interests such as our Wellness Committee, Retail SPARK Committee, Inclusion Committee, and even a lunchtime shuffleboard league!

Giving Back

Our employees give back in a number of ways in our community. One way is through the VolunCHEERS program and opportunities such as Casual for a Cause where our employees can donate $5 toward a specified charity in exchange for wearing jeans that Friday.

Community Room

We offer a community room for local non-profit organizations to use at no cost at our Division Street location. To request information, contact the Marketing Team at marketing@qcbt.com.

We Value Our Employees...And It Shows

"I enjoy volunteering most when I help others complete tasks, they then build on to create opportunities for others. Sometimes the most powerful gift is to provide insight that allows the people who are being to helped reach future steps on their own rather than someone doing it for them. Volunteering provides me with an opportunity to contribute to society in a way that I think is helpful. I often find that I learn something new when volunteering and that feeds my desire to be productive with my time and talents."

Erie Johnson
Erie Johnson
Vice President, Senior Wealth Management Officer

“Training represents great opportunities for employees to grow and develop within their role and with the company. When employees are exposed to consistent training, it improves their skills, grows their confidence, and improves the company culture. Clients will feel the impact of this and will have a positive impression on their overall customer experience.”

Stephanie Riley
Stephanie Riley
Assistant Vice President, Employee Development & Client Experience Manager

"Adapting to a new role and a big change. Joining QCBT as the new head of wealth management a couple of months before a huge conversion of our trust accounting platform was a big task, the team that was in place for this was instrumental in making this a big success. They have been so gracious with me and focused on making this change be great, I couldn't be happier with this team, their efforts and accomplishments.

Jason Grindle Preferred
Jason Grindle
Executive Vice President, Wealth Management