Employee Culture 

At Quad City Bank & Trust, we've developed a powerful corporate culture, one that's evident in every facet of our organization. It's based on the common goal of providing exceptional, personal service and built on the core values of teamwork, mutual respect, and honesty. There are no greater assets than our employees and it shows in our work environment, community focus, employee programs, and benefits. 

Get Involved

We encourage our employees to become involved in shaping the corporate culture of QCBT. We offer a number of committees for shared interests such as our Wellness Committee, Retail SPARK Committee, Inclusion Committee, and even a lunchtime shuffleboard league!

Giving Back

Our employees give back in a number of ways in our community. One way is through the VolunCHEERS program and opportunities such as Casual for a Cause where our employees can donate $5 toward a specified charity in exchange for wearing jeans that Friday.

Community Room

We offer a community room for local non-profit organizations to use at no cost at our Division Street location. To request information, contact the Marketing Team at marketing@qcbt.com.

We value our employees, and it shows

"I have been with Quad City Bank & Trust for over 5 years and feel like I have found a home. The correspondent team, that I am privileged to work with, lend to a very positive work environment and the staff has great depth of knowledge. Without question, I can count on all of them.

I am uniquely situated in a role where the products and services I offer are extremely competitive and I can say that many of my customers are great friends. I can't ask for more than that. Like the old saying goes:'"It's not work if you love what you do.'"

- Clay Boatman, Senior Vice President, Correspondent Banking Officer

"I enjoy coming to work every day for many reasons. The quality of people I work with, the relationships I've developed with my clients over the years, and truly enjoying the work I do. I've been with the bank for 20 years and I feel very fortunate after all of these years to still be excited about coming to work every day. Years ago, Private Banking came up with a slogan to describe the culture in our department, and the work we do. That slogan was Consider it done. The intent is to come to work and exceed our clients expectations no matter how simple or difficult the request. I believe this philosophy translates throughout the Company and because of that - I love working for Quad City Bank & Trust."

- Marcy Devlin, Vice President, Private Banking Officer

"I love my job because of the people that I work with! Every team member is dependable & always willing to work hard to reach our goals together. Rather than co-workers, I consider them my friends."

- Janelle Carter, First Vice President, Treasury Management Officer

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