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Receivables Management

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ACH Services

Handle your business payables and receivables with ACH services to pay anyone, anytime - safely and efficiently. Make electronic payments to vendors, schedule cash disbursements and pay employees via direct deposit. ACH payments can reduce errors, improve cash flow and strengthen vendor relationships.

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Cash Processing

Our cash processing services include verification, counting and sorting, deposit processing and change orders. Through our armored carrier partners, your employees are at less risk because they no longer have to carry cash to the bank.

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Lockbox Services

Let us process you payments with our local Lockbox service.  With a Quad City area P.O. Box, Quad City Bank with pick up your payments at the Post Office daily (M-F) and deposit your payments directly into your Quad City Bank account.  Detailed online reporting and imaging is provided daily through our online Lockbox application.  With this service, you will efficiently improve cash flow, reduce accounts receivable expenses, streamline operations, and increase internal security and control receivables with timely, accurate and complete payment information.  We offer HIPAA compliant services to the medical industry. 

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Merchant Processing

We offer a variety of merchant credit card processing solutions through our partner, Fitech. Increase your profitability with lower costs, no hidden fees, and flexible options, while offering added payment options for your customers. Learn more about Merchant Credit Card Processing here

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Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit Capture is an easy to use, cost saving service that lets businesses scan, submit and deposit checks electronically without ever having to leave the office. In addition to saving time and money, improve record retention and increase the availability of funds for your business.

Utilize our mobile app for remote access or low check volume deposits.

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