Fraud Prevention Services

A suite of valuable fraud protection tools designed to reduce your risk of loss due to the payment of unauthorized checks and/or electronic debits. As a business or organization, you only have 24 hours after the check or ACH clears your account to return the item as fraudulent. The alerting system (email or text) provides you with timely notifications to protect you against loss.

  • Check Positive Pay – matches the check file uploaded in order to alert you on mismatches and checks not issued.
  • Payee Check Positive Pay – matches approved payee, protecting you from altered checks.
  • ACH Positive Pay – allows you to review all ACH debits in your account for approval and future matching. Dollar limitations for notifications outside of the approved limit.
  • ACH Debit Blocker – automatically rejects any unauthorized ACH debit transactions prior to the item hitting your account. Best utilized for accounts with no authorized electronic debit authority. No review capability. 

To enroll in Positive Pay, or to learn more about our fraud protection services, please contact the Treasury Management team at 563.468.5602, or email