Genesis Gift

Significant corporate gift from Quad City Bank & Trust to provide mental health services to Genesis cardiac patients

Quad City Bank & Trust, Genesis Psychology Associates, Genesis Heart Institute, and the Genesis Foundation announced a new mental health program for cardiac patients through a corporate gift from Quad City Bank & Trust at an event held at 9 a.m., Wednesday, September 21, in the Genesis Heart Institute Lobby – 1236 Rusholme St., Davenport, Iowa.   

The program will implement outpatient behavioral health services directly at Genesis Heart Institute. In addition, this outreach program has placed a Licensed Independent Social Worker (LISW) on-site to help identify and treat one of the most vulnerable populations at a critical time in their care. 

"Quad City Bank & Trust (QCBT) was founded on the idea of community. After experiencing a life-altering cardiac event myself, I soon realized there was a huge, unfilled community need for mental health care for patients who experience cardiac events. When presented with this opportunity, in conjunction with Genesis Health System, QCBT did not hesitate to provide a major corporate gift to help Genesis provide essential mental health services to our community. We are thrilled to see this program materialize and to have had a hand in facilitating the process," said John Anderson, CEO of Quad City Bank & Trust and former cardiac patient at Genesis Health System.

"Now, mental health resources are just a few steps away from where patients receive world-class healthcare services from Genesis' top-notch physicians, nurses, and staff as they recover both physically and emotionally,” added Anderson “It's unique when you serve as a conduit to fill community needs. It has been an emotional and humbling journey that brings me great joy."

"Those with heart disease or certain risk factors for developing it, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, family history, or diabetes, may be advised by their doctor to make lifestyle modifications," said Jacqueline Madunic, LISW, Psychology Associates, Genesis Health Group.

"At Genesis, a collaborative care team works with heart patients to develop a tailored plan to help prevent heart disease or slow its progression."


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