Volunteer Spotlight Brian Long

Brian Long, Training & Development Officer, volunteers with the American Red Cross. Read about his volunteer experience in the Quad Cities.

Why do you volunteer for this organization?  
I started volunteering with the Red Cross during the recent floods to provide food to those that need it. The evening that the Davenport apartment building collapsed, I was called to help with the recovery efforts. This meant gathering information from tenants, helping reunite friends/family, and physically setting up food, cots, & shelter at CASI so they had a place to go. I volunteer with the Red Cross because it has given me an opportunity to make an immediate difference in people's lives.

What does this organization mean to you?
I have seen how strong people are in a time of need and just how resilient the human spirit can be. Although bad news often gets the spotlight, I get to see the good that is done on a regular basis. Whether you help with blood drives, disaster relief, education, or just passing out fire detectors, it's such a rewarding experience.

Please share anything else you'd like us to know about your volunteerism
The Red Cross has been a great supporter of my schedule, allowing me to contribute when and where I can. They also provide all the training needed in the areas you're interested in, so you are ready to help. The local chapter has been wonderful to work with and truly feels like an extended family.

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