Kevin Wellman

Sabbatical Spotlight -- Kevin

Name: Kevin Wellman

Title: Vice President, Private Banking Officer

How many years have you been with the company?
12 years this coming June

Was this your first sabbatical with QCBT/QCRH? If not, how many sabbaticals have you taken in your tenure?
This was my first

What did you do while on sabbatical? 
It was a combination of sorts……first my girlfriend and I went to Jamaica, somewhere neither of us had ever been before. Next, I went to Arizona on a golf trip with 11 other good friends of mine. The majority of us were celebrating the fact that we all turned 50 sometime within that particular year. Then I spent a little time back home getting some things done at my house, watching my nephew at the State basketball tourney in Des Moines, hanging with my parents, etc. Lastly, I finished up with a trip to Clearwater, Florida with my two sons, girlfriend and her daughter - all of which were on college spring break at the time. All in all, it was an amazing month spent with loved ones.

What was your favorite part about the sabbatical experience?
Being able to truly check out from work and enjoy traveling to different places, relaxing and ultimately be with those most important to me.

Do you think the sabbatical experience is an appealing benefit for QCBT/QCRH staff and potential employees? Why or why not?
Hands down one of the best perks about working for this organization. So many people are shocked when I tell them about the sabbatical program at QCBT. It’s a great way to reward employees for their hard work and dedication to the company, clients and community.

What advice would you have for someone getting ready to take a sabbatical?
Plan, plan and plan! Get organized at least a year ahead of time on what it is you want to do. Be prepared financially in the event you plan to travel like I did. Bottom line, take advantage of it by doing things you may not always get the opportunity to do, and share in the experience with those closest to you.

Do you have anything else you’d like to add regarding your sabbatical experience?
I can’t wait for the next one!! :) 


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