QCBT Celebrating 29th Anniversary

Today, we're celebrating our 29th anniversary! No matter how many years go by or what milestones we’re celebrating, one thing will always stay the same: we get to celebrate with the BEST clients and the BEST community. Cheers to 29 years, Quad Cities!

In celebration, we asked our employees what their favorite thing about our clients is. Here are some of their responses:

  • John Anderson, QCBT CEO: “I love that our clients are loyal and committed to our brand of local community banking.”
  • Sheryl Figley, Teller Supervisor: “The relationships I have with them.”
  • Crystal Hicks, Receptionist: “Always seeing a smile on their faces.” 
  • Chris Johnson, First VP, Commerical Banking: “Their loyalty and love for QCBT.”
  • Emily Taft, Relationship Banking Associate II: “My favorite thing about our clients is their loyalty. They know we have their best interest in mind. A two-way stream of trust creates a valuable client relationship.”
  • Nathan Kessler, VP, Commercial Banking: “The absolute sincere appreciation for what QCBT’s employees provide to help make their businesses successful!!”
  • Clay Boatman, SVP, Correspondent Banking: “My favorite thing about our clients is the depth of friendships that develop over the course of the relationship.”
  • Rachel Talbot, Universal Banker: “The relationship that we build with our clients.”
  • Amanda Boyer, First VP, Commercial Banking & Business Development: “Our clients are the heartbeat of our community and represent what makes our country so great. Many are homegrown businesses started by brave, ingenious individuals who risk everything and make countless sacrifices to achieve the American dream. And these incredible people put their trust in us to be their banking partner. What a privilege and an honor this is!! What’s not to love!?”
  • Antonio Mata-Martinez, Account Executive: “Their loyalty!”
  • Angela Weaver, Check Adjustment Specialist: “My favorite thing about our clients I work with – which happens to be Correspondent bank customers – is they’re all so friendly, caring, and understanding. They cheer for me on my good days and bad, and send me encouraging emails like, “You’re the Best!”, “You’re a Rockstar!” I truly enjoy coming to work every day and working with our clients.
  • Kevin Wellman, First VP, Private Banking: “Our clients are not only engaged and passionate about the businesses they operate day to day, but they also appreciate and share in our commitment to the partnership with each other and also our community.”

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