As a full service Correspondent Bank since 1995, Quad City Bank & Trust is committed to the long-term success of your financial institution. Our team is dedicated to offering customized financial services, competitive and fair pricing, ongoing communication, and up-to-date technology to meet your bank’s unique situation and goals.

Our thoughtful commitment to personal service allows us to reinforce relationships and provide real advice and real solutions to our clients each and every day. It’s a part of our personality - a combination of each of our employee’s trustworthiness, professionalism, passion, and talent. It’s who we are…People you can bank on.®


corrAccess is a convenient and secure, web-based, real-time cash management tool. It allows Quad City Bank & Trust to serve as the bridge between your financial institution and the Federal Reserve Bank by providing:

  • Wire Transfers (Domestic and International)
  • ACH Processing
  • Coin and Currency
  • Fed Funds (Sold and Purchased)
  • Account Statement Access
  • OFAC Screening (Wire Transfers & ACH)
  • Savings Bond Orders
  • Large Dollar Return Notification
  • Fed Check Adjustments
  • Report File Delivery
  • Loan Payment / Advance
  • Account to Account Transfer
  • Quarterly Archival of Activity
  • Foreign Currency


corrExchange offers a solution for lower cost of clearing transit items through our image exchange network.

OnWe® Image Exchange Network

  • Lower Cost for "In Network" Items
  • OnWe® Console
  • Online Image Cash Letter Archiving


Quad City Bank & Trust offers a convenient solution to manage your institution's securities portfolio. The following safekeeping services are available:

  • Online Access to Account Information
  • Primary Contact for Service and Support
  • Centralized Control of Assets
  • Interest and Paydown Payments on Payable Date
  • Prompt Redemption of Matured Securities
  • Monitoring and Processing of Called Securities
  • Facilitating Settlement of Directed Securities Trades Purchased/Sold Through Your Broker/Dealer of Choice
  • Delivery and Receipt of Securities Through Book Entry Clearing Systems and Depositories

Commercial Banking

We want to be your financial expert and provide you with answers, solutions, and a proactive approach to relationship banking. We steer away from the "cookie cutter" approach to business banking. That means we'll tailor your loan to fit your specific needs, offering various terms and methods of payment. We offer Bank Stock Loans, Personal Loans, Officer/Director Loans, Participation Loans, secured and unsecured Fed Fund Lines of Credit, International Letters of Credit and Letters of Credit.

Leasing Services

When you, or a client of your financial institution need to obtain new equipment for your business, consider equipment leasing from m2 Lease Funds LLC, an affiliate of Quad City Bank & Trust. We ultimately bring value to the businesses we serve by offering the flexibility and convenience of tailored leasing options.

SBA and USDA Business & Industry Loans

Interest Rate Swaps

In today's economic environment, locking in a long-term fixed rate for your borrower can provide peace of mind, protecting against unfortunate market fluctuations and creating more predictable debt service for your clients. Under our swap program, your borrower always pays a fixed rate of interest while you, as our partnering bank, would always receive a floating rate of interest. Our interest rate swap product also affords our correspondent banking partners the ability to enhance their non-interest income programs under a fee sharing arrangement. Let us assist your institution in mitigating interest rate risk via a swap through Quad City Bank & Trust. Contact your calling officer today to learn more.

Trust and Investment Services

You will find an experienced partner dedicated to providing individualized investment management, estate planning, and financial planning services. We will help you optimize your financial potential and minimize the effect of estate and income taxes.

Quad City Bank & Trust would like the opportunity to present our services to your financial institution. Please contact Clay Boatman at or 515.778.2137 or Amy Braack at or 563.468.6236.